Discovering Fossils -  fantastic guide to fossil collecting in the UK.  Supporters of this site

Junior Geo - fossils and minerals for kids and schools

Oceans of Kansas Paleontology - the wonderful world of chalk in the US, especially reptiles and fish

Fossils of the Gault Clay and Folkestone Beds - a detailed and very well illustrated guide

Sheppey Fossils - comprehensive guide to the diverse fossils of the London Clay from the Isle of Sheppey

The Fossil Forum - a very active forum with a wide range of fossil topics.  Frequent posts with interesting Chalk finds

The NHM Fossils and Rocks Forum 

Booth Museum Fossil Catalogue - A catalogue of the Type, Figured and Cited specimens

Medway Lapidary and Mineral Society - an active group of amateur geologists, with several current fossil projects for publication

Wessex Geology Directory - a broad ranging and extensive guide to all aspects of geology in southern Britain

Natural History Museum London - one the world's foremost museums, includes the Earth Lab

Booth Museum of Natural History

Southampton University SOES - the School of Ocean and Earth Science fossil collection

Leif's Fossilsider - fantastic chalk fossils from Denmark

Fossil web - fossils identified

West Sussex Geological Society - homepage of the society

Cretaceous Fossils - a wide range of Cretaceous fossils from around the world

Fossils from the UK - a broad selection of fossils collected from across the UK

PSI Gate - a catalogue of high quality physical-science related internet resources

Fossils Direct - commercial site where a variety of Chalk fossils can be purchased

The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk

www.ceratit.de - Fossils and localities of the German Chalk

French National Sea Experience Centre

Adventure Experiences - action-packed days outdoors in the UK

Directory of Science - links to scientific websites

UK Fossils Network 

Jurassic Coast - a guide to the Dorset and Devon world heritage coastline

Alan Winter's fossil-hunting weblog

Monkton Nature Reserve - situated in a disused chalk pit, the onsite study centre features a fine example of Ptychodus

The Jurassic Coast - Dorset and East Devon's World Heritage Coastline

Fossil Walks - Guided fossil collecting and geology tours in Dorset and Devon

Online Fossil Museum - a selection of fossils from around the world

Palaeos: 'the Trace of Life on Earth' - detailed guide to the biology and evolutionary history of everything

Mikko's Phylogeny Archive - an extensive cladistic database - a great resource

Palaeontology - FREE ACCESS to all journal articles over 7 years old

The Taxonomicon - the Tree of Life

The Geological Conservation Review Image Bank - images from the book series documenting Britain's sites of geological interest

Fossil Science - fossils in the news

Tidmarsh & Sulham Community Website - my current home parish, nestled in the chalk downland of Berkshire

ARKive - Gathering together the very best films and photographs of the world's species into one centralised digital library

Look What I Found! (Charmouth Fossils) - prize specimens from the collections of professional fossil collectors

Fossils from the Campanian of Hanover

'Caveman's' Fossils - Fantastic Upper Cretaceous specimens from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark

BGS Geology of Britain Viewer - Superb resource for navigating the geology of the UK (NOTE: Chalk Formations helpfully mapped as separate mapping units)

Chalk of the Normandy Coast 

Upper Cretaceous Fossils of Germany 

TES (Times education Supplement) Primary Resources - 102,995 Free primary resources



Geological Society briefing on the new Chalk Group Lithostratigraphy.

The Chalk of Kent

Chalk Facts

UCL Guide to Microfossils - includes images of calcareous nannofossils, forams and ostracods of the Chalk.

Upper Cretaceous GCR Sites - Images from the 2001 book documenting Britain's Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy



Cretaceous Sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver: Detailed taxonomic guide to Cretaceous sponges



Jean Claude Bertin's Ammonites; an excellent collection of ammonites, including many Late Cretaceous examples



Crustacea Glossary

Tree of life; Crustacea

Crustacean dissection



Living crinoids

Recent specimen

Crinoids from the SOES

Unitacrinus from the Yorkshire Chalk (GA article, Stainforth, 1938)

Cretaceous Fossils guide to Uintacrinus

Oceans of Kansas guide to Uintacrinus

Colorado Uintacrinus

Marsupites from the Yorkshire Chalk



Asteroid dissection

Further Asteroid dissection

Asteroid anatomy

Echinoderms from the Wright collection

Danish Metopaster - preparation of a specimen from Stevns Klint

French Metopaster

Well preserved Metopaster

Good example of Metopaster hunteri

GeoForum - thread with many rare specimens



Ophiuroid anatomy and dissection.



Comprehensive guide to echinoids from the BMNH.

Reefkeeping; some good notes on anatomy

Chalk echinoids of the SOES.

Echinoids Gallery


Dutch Echinoids

Echinoid dissection

Echinoids of the French Kimmeridgian

Danish Chalk echinoids

Micraster Emporium

GeoForum - thread with many rare specimens



Cretaceous Shark Teeth, Elasmo.com

Chalk Ichthyosaur discovery: NHM web article on the 2005 Cambridgeshire find

Upper Cretaceous Pterosaur Database

Cretaceous Shark and Ray Teeth from the Netherlands

Wikipedia list of Prehistoric Cartilaginous Fish - with links to pages on key taxa

Mesozoic Fishes - international site for researchers of Mesozoic fish

The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks - a great palaeontological resource

Fossil Fish GCR Sites - images from the 1999 book documenting Britain's key fossil fish sites

Fossil Reptile GCR Sites - images from the 1995 book documenting Britain's key fossil reptile sites

Biology of Sharks and Rays - a good educational resource

Diversification of the Neoselachii ('modern' sharks), Underwood, 2006 - an essential reference for fossil shark taxonomy

Patrick Hendriks Squalicorax site

J Elasmo shark tooth guide

Fossil Sharks and Rays in Belgium and NW Europe

Sharks Teeth from Belgium and surrounding countries

Fossil Fishes of Bear Gulch guide to head anatomy

Elasmo.com modern shark dentitions section

Image of the Mantell coelacanth (Macropoma)